Minot, Maine - Cemeteries

There are 29 cemeteries in Minot, Maine and 28 of them have been found.

Below are pictures and location of the 28 cemeteries, I located all of these in 2001.

If you would like information about those buried in any of these cemeteries contact Lucille.

Atkinson Cemetery

The Atkinson Cemetery is located on the Woodman Hill Road opposite Sam Hill Road. It sits close to the road.

A neighborhood cemetery it was established by the Atkinson and others early in the 19th century. The enclosed borders the road on the easterly side, is about 200 feet square fenced in front with a metal mesh fence, otherwise by a stonewalls.

Note-In the right hand corner, next to the east stonewall, is a field stone lying on the ground and between two rough field head stones. Here lie Master Ebenezer Bray and his wife Judith (Bennett) Bray. Master Bray was deformed in feet and hands but taught school on Bradbury Hill in later life. They came to Minot in 1777. Ebenezer 1732-1817 and Judith, his wife, 1733-1799. The family lived on the road going to Minot Spring Farm, which burned in or about the 1930's. In 1976 only a cellar hole was located.

In 2001 the cemetery stones have all been cleaned, the stones are in good shape and the grass is mowed and well kept.

Buried in this cemtery are: Atkinson, Bradbury, Bray, Bridgham, Cushman, Davis, Downing, Lambart, Moody and Packard.

Baker/Hersey Hill Cemetery

Intersection of Hersey Hill Road and Simeon Road go north on Hersey Hill Road 3 10ths of a mile. At 177 Hersey Hill Road go behind the house (northeasterly corner of this property). The cemetery stone has been removed from its original location and is now behind the stone wall lying flat on the ground next to a tree. At this time (2001) the stone is not broken. Mr. Rouillard, the owner of the property at that time showed me where the stone was. It was completely covered with leaves.

Orginally this stone was located on the field side of the stonewall with a few other field stones. (A picture taken in 1976 shows the stone in the field next to the stonewall).

Buried here next to the stone wall, in what use to be a small field, is Louise I. Baker; died 8-4-1851 21ys.

Bradbury Cemetery

This cemetery has not been found. It is located on the discontinued part of the Bradbury Hill Road. Possibly buried in this cemetery, Benjamin Bradbury 1745-1807, his wife, Eleanor 1746-???? and three children of their son, Samuel Bradbury. I have search this old discontinued road but so far have not found any grave yard. The area has been loged many times in the last 100 years, and possibly the grave yard was destroyed. What use to be fields in the 1800's is now all wooded.

Bradman Cemetery

Located 1/2 mile beyond the Harris/Bradbury/Poole Cemetery on the Harris Hill Road. At the top of a grade in the road and across from a house there is an abandoned road to the right. Follow the old road walking in about 300-400 feet, you will cross a low place that appears to be wet in the spring. Just beyond this there is a knoll on the right with trees and juniper bushes. The stone is located on the top of this knoll about 75 feet back from the old road.

Area is unkept and over grown with brush and trees. It's a slate stone.

There is one grave stone in this cemetery, that of Geo Bradman; died 8-8-1821 35ys.

Brown Cemetery

Situated on the western slope of Pottle Hill, a few rods above the Currier Cemetery on opposite side of the Pottle Hill Road. A Plot about 34 feet square enclosed by stonewalls on three sides.

Stones in good conditions and clean, grounds have been maintained.

Buried in this 3 stone cemetery are all Browns: Samuel, died 3-27-1855 59ys; Sarah (wife), died 11-22-1863 66ys; Ruth (dau.), died 8-4-1863 25ys.

Bucknam Cemetery

Located of the West Minot Road (Route 124), take the Bucknam Bridge Road about 1/4 mile, cross the bridge, cemetery is on the left. The entrance to this cemetery does not face the road, indicating that either the road has changed over the years or there could have been another road by the entrance of the cemetery. Size of the plot is about 81 feet x 90 feet enclosed by a stonewall and split curb stones with iron rail. The entrance is provided with stone steps.

Stones are clean and in good condition, grounds have been maintained.

Buried in this cemetery are: Bucknam, Chipman, Dudley, Gardner, McAllister, Robbins, Washburn and many field stones.

Charles Campbell Cemetery

From the intersection of the Goodwin Roand and Grange Avenue, take Grange Avenue about 1/2 mile. On the left there will be a large boulder beside the road, just before you get to the top of the knoll. Walk in behind the boulder up a wooded bank about 200 feet, cemetery is on a flat area on the bank. It appears there may have been an old road on the west side of this cemetery.

In 1904 J. W. Penney writes the Campbell Cemetery is located on the Campbell Homestead Farm, known more recently as the James Campbell place and situated at the easterly foot of a great ledge. The yard appears to never have been enclosed and is now hidden from view by the forest which has sprung up and over and around it.

The stones are slate and in good condition, but do not appear to have been cleaned and the area is not maintained.

Buried in the cemetery are: Campbells, Charles 1794-1866, Sarah (wife) 1797-1863, Charles W. 1825-1846, Franklin O. died 1846, Timothy M. 1833-1836, Sarah 1832-1846 and Franklin Foss died 7-25-1852 2ys.

Rev. William Campbell Cemetery

Across from 116 Goodwin Road, (former Susie Campbell home), there is a driveway. Follow this driveway and stay to the right. The cemetery is on the right of this driveway. It is probably 300 feet through the woods from the Goodwin Road in a straight line.

The yard appears to never have been enclosed and is over ridden with shrubbery and trees. It is difficult to find as it blends in with the forest.

This cemetery has not been taken care of, the stones need to be cleaned and the area cleared of trees and brush.

Buried in the cemetery are all Campbells; William 1797-??, Hannah (wife#1) 1798-1829; Jacob (son) 1837-1851, another stone and several field stones.

Center Hill Cemetery

The cemetery is located in Minot Center, next to the Minot Center Church on the Center Minot Hill Road. Parts of this cemetery is very old and for the most part was destroyed in 1905 when it was being renovated. The old parts was plowed with an ox team, foot stones removed and thus many graves without headstones have been past locating.

The plans of the old part of the cemetery was burned with the Rice house fire and probably other papers. With no plans of the yard it made it quiet impossible to to find. It is said to have been full of graves only marked with a field stone.

This is the second largest cemetery in Minot. This cemetery with all it's white picked fence along the road, stones having been cleaned and any stones that were broken have been repaired. Grounds are maintained and their is alot of history in this cemetery.

Buried in this cemetery are: Allen, Andrews, Atkinson, Ayer, Beal, Bodwell, Bosarge, Bradford, Brazier, Bridgham, Briggs, Brown, Carpenter, Chandler, Charpentier, Childs, Collins, Curtis, Davis, Day, Donahue, Doten, Downing, Dwinal, Emery, Foss, Freeman, Frye, Giddinge, Goodwin, Greer, Hall, Hammond, Hicks, Hodge, Hodgkins, Jackson, Jacobs, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Jumper, Keene, Kilbourne, Lane, Leach, Lehr, L'Heureux, Lobdell, Marston, Martin, Merrow, Millett, Mixer, Nason, Nelson, Nicholas, Noyes, Oakes, O'Connor, Perkins, Perry, Pittman, Prime, Prince, Quimby, Rice, Robbins, Robertson, Royal, Saunders, Sawyer, Shaw, Small, Stackpole, Stacy, Starks, Strout, Sturtevant, Swett, Taggert, Thurlow, Tuttle, Verrill, Warner, Washburn, Welch, Wells, Whitehouse, Woodbury, Woodman, Yeaton, York and many field stones.

Chandler Cemetery


From intersection of the Brighton Hill Road and the Death Valley Road, take the Death Valley Road 2 10ths of a mile in. Cemetery is on the left across from 494 Death Valley Road, before the crest of a small hill.

There appears to have been some bull dozer work done to open the entrance of the cemetery. There are few stones with inscriptions, most gravestones are field stones.

The stones have not been cleaned, the grave yard is kept cleared of brush. The last buriel in this cemetery was in 1988.

Buried in this cemetery are: Chandlers, Nathaniel died 6-4-1854 94ys, Ruth (wife) died 1-6-1836 74ys and Wallingford, Eugene Owen 1931-1988. There are many field stones in this small cemetery.

Currier Cemetery

Cemetery is located on the Pottle Hill Road, almost across from the Brown Cemetery. The yard is about 50 feet square, well enclosed on three sides with a picket fence with a locked gate on the front.

The fence has been replaced and there is no longer any gate. It is well kept, stones are cleaned and in good condition. Grounds are maintained.

Buried in this cemetery are: Brown, Rufus died 11-13-1902 75ys, Diana A. (wife) died 12-7-1880 64ys. Curriers: Able W. 1862-1939; Arvilla G. (wife) 1865-1910; Winnie Hazel (dau.) 1889-1891; George W. 1832-1898; Julia A. (wife) 1840-1909; Isaac 1785-1865; Abigail 1791-1889; Benjamin F. 1828-1876; Rosina E. 1813-1835; Jacob T. 1826-1841 and field stones.

Deane - Little Cemetery

Located on Patch Hill, near its summitt, which is said to be the highest elevation of land in the town. Michael Little Esq. owner of the farm on which it was established probably prior to 1800. The yard is 200 feet x 150 feet, with stonewalls surrounding it, has eight inscribed stones and three rough field stones. There appears to have been six removals.

From the Woodman Hill Road, take the Jack Ass Annie Road, then a right on Prospect Avenue. There will be a wet area of land on your right, it is the next driveway on the right. The cemetery cannot be seen from the road but can be seen once you drive up the to the top of the driveway. You can then walk to the cemetery.

It is well kept, stones have been cleaned and in good condition. Grounds are maintained.

Buried in this cemetery are: Deane, Zadock 1766-1845, Betsey (wife#2) 1770-1856; Celia (wife of Albert Deane) 1811-1878, James Water (son of Albert) 1843-1873, William Wallace (son of Albert) 1859-1893; Little, Sarah (wife of Michael Little) 1775-1801; Patch, Mary C. (dau. of John & Harriet N.) died 8-26-1858, George W. died 7-24-1857 3ys.

Freeman Cemetery

Located on the right side of the Hersey Hill School Road, just beyond the old Giddinge house. It's almost across the road from the Scott Cemetery, on a knoll. When the leaves are out it is difficult to locate.

There are three grave stones, all these being veterans. Stones in good condition and area is maintained.

This 3 grave cemetery has 3 War Veterns; Freemans, Chandler died 1-26-1841, Pvt. Lothrop's Co. Rev War, Joseph 1727-1792, Sgt. Mass Troops Rev. War, Samuel, died 1787, Pvt. Mass Troops Rev War.

Harlow Cemetery

Located in the northeasterly section of Minot on the Brighton Hill Road leading towards Hebron. From the intersection of Death Valley Road and Hersey Hill School Road it's about 1 mile from the intersection. As you start down a hill the cemetery is on the left. A plot of land sloping west about 90 feet x 50 feet enclosed by an ordinary stonewall, except in front which has a faced wall of flat stones, laid without mortar. The top being level with the cemetery grade. One set of stone steps lead up on the wall and another set through the wall.

The stones are in good condition and have been cleaned, but the grounds have not be maintained. Growth of weeds, grass and young trees are the height of the stones.

Buried in this cemetery are all Harlows. Jesse 1802-1883, Betsey (wife) 1801-1892, Roxa 1831-1849, Rachel B. died 1853, Betsey Jane 1844-1860, Nathan D. 1827-1828; Roscoe L. 1836-1910, Helen M. (wife#1) 1837-1871, Emman (wife#2) 1844-1916; Sheldon (son of Alden & Mary) 1846-1853, Mary J. (wife of Alden) 1823-1850; Ebenezer 9-27-1746 3-3-1811, Lydia(Doten) (wife) 11-1742 8-30-1846; Zebulon 1773-1834, Rachel (wife) 1772-1849; Hosea 1788-1868, Susannah (wife) 1788-1866 and many field stones.

Harris-Bradbury-Pool Cemetery

From the Woodman Hill Road, take the Center Minot Hill Road, go about 1/4 mile and take a left onto the Harris Hill Road. Go about 1 mile to the top of the hill, as you go by the Harris Farm on the right and start down the hill the cemetery is on the left. It is about 125 feet square and is enclosed by an ordinary stonewall, having two wide gateways on the southeast and northwest respectively, with the evident intention of a carriage driving through.

This cemetery is next to the old Harris house and other buildings. The stones have been cleaned, repaired and in good condition. Grounds have been maintained.

Buried in this cemetery are: Allen, Bradbury, Chandler, Coy, Gurney, Hack, Hall, Harris, Leadbetter, Poole and many field stones.

Hawkes-Jordan Cemetery

Located on the West Minot Road. Coming from Mechanic Falls this cemetery is located on the right just before the Bucknam Bridge Road. The Plot of ground is 50 feet x 40 feet, three side are enclosed by a stonewall and the front is open to the road.

Stones are clean and in good condition, and the grounds have been maintained.

Buried in this cemetery are: Hawkes, Edward 1747-1829, Ruth (wife) 1761-1848, Edward 1787-1819; Russell 1794-1868, Francis (wife) 1799-1866, Benjamin (son of Russell) 1836-1863 (Civil War); Jordan, Henry 1835-1875, Amelia Frances (wife) 1833-1900, Arthur E. (son of Henry) 1868-1896 and scattered field stones.

Herseyville Cemetery

This cemetery is close to the Minot Auburn line. At the intersection of the Simeon Road, Holbrook Road and Bailey Road, take the Bailey Road. Go a short distance, it's on the right located behind a trailer.

Cemetery is somewhat hidden by trees and is probably 150 feet back from the road. The rock stonewall needs to be redone.

Buried in this cemetery are: Bates, Chandler, Curtis, Davis, Gurney, Hersey, Noyes, Reed and many field stones.

Hilborn-Crooker-West Minot Cemetery

From West Minot Village take the Hebron Road (Route 117), cross the bridge and go a short distance, the cemetery is on the left.

There are but a few stones left in this cemetery, many removals to Riverside Cemetery.

The remaining stone have been cleaned in good condition and the gounds maintained.

Buried in this cemetery are: Blake, Crooker, Greenwood, Hilborn, Larabee, Parsons, Whittemore and probably field stones.

Hodge Cemetery

Located on the Woodman Hill Road, almost across the road from the Minot Town Office. Joseph Hodge donated 1/4 acre of land on the westerly slope of the hill for this cemetery. It is enclosed by an ordinary stonewall on three sides. The side facing the road has granite stones and an iron gate.

This cemetery is remarkable for its number of unmarked graves, it being all out of proportion with other cemeteries with an unequalled number of burials.

The Hodge Cemetery was convey by quit claim deed by Joseph Hodge to 20 subscribers in 1821, all living in his neighborhood.

Many of Minot's early settlers, like the Hacketts, Verrills, Hodges, Herricks, Hutchins, Bartletts and Yeatons are in this cemetery. The stones are cleaned in good condition and the grounds are maintained.

Buried in this cemetery are: Bailey, Baker, Bartlett, Bradbury, Downing, Hackett, Hawes, Hodge, Hodgkins, Hutchins, Jackson, Knight, Marston, Morrell, Parsons, Perkins, Phelps, Pulsifer, Record, Sampson, Toothaker, Tucker, Verrill, Wood, Yeaton and many field stones.

Jasper Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the Pottle Hill Road, between the land of Roland Hemond and Marjorie Downing. Cemetery adjoins road on a hill slope. A common stonewall enclosing three sides and a retaining wall across the front with a double gate.

Olive Jasper was the first person buried there in 1844. Her father, John Jasper gave the land for the cemetery, a plot about 150 feet x 100 feet. People in the vacinity joining together in building the front wall.

In the upper right corner there were buriels with field stones as marker that had long been covered or removed.

The stone have been cleaned and repaired where needed and the gounds are maintained. Front wall is in good condition and the steel gate is in working order.

Buried in this cemetery are: Bailey, Cobb, Crockett, Duffs, Fobes, Foss, Goodwin, Goss, Hodge, Hutchins, Jasper, McCain, Noble, Norris, Otis, Pettengill, Smith, Tilton, Verrill, Wilson, Witham, Woodbury, Woodward and a few field stones.

Riverside Cemetery

Take the West Minot Road from the West Minot Village, heading towards Mechanic Falls about 1/2 mile, the cemetery is on the right. It is the largest cemetery in Minot.

It was organized in 1872 on sloping land. Many of the burials from the Hilborn Cemetery have been removed to this cemetery. Like all cemeteries there are many unmarked graves. It enclosed on three side by an ordinary stonewall, the front is open to the road.

The stones have been cleaned, repaired and the grounds are maintained. This cemetery is still in use by the residents of Minot.

Buried in this cemetery are: Adams, Allen, Anthoine, Atkins, Attwood, Barrows, Barthlome, Bean, Bearce, Bemis, Bernier, Bicknell, Bonney, Boothby, Bridgham, Brown, Bryant, Campbell, Churchill, Clement, Cole, Collins, Conant, Crane, Crooker, Crozier, Currier, Daniels, Davee, DeCoster, Deering, Desrosier, Dimock, Donahue, Douglas, Dunham, Edwards, Ercasti, Farris, Faunce, Field, Ford, Foss, Grant, Greenleaf, Greenwood, Gurney, Harris, Hartsgrove, Hatch, Heath, Heikkinen, Hemond, Hicks, Hilborn, Hiltunen, Hodges, Howard, Howe, Irish, Jacobs, Jasper, Jarvi, Jordan, Keene, Kimball, Knowlton, Landean, Lapham, Lawrence, Libby, Lovejoy, Lovering, Lowell, MacFarland, Martin, McDonald, Merrill, Millett, Monk, Moore, Morse, Munroe, Niles, Obrion, Ojala, Packard, Page, Parsons, Patch, Perkins, Perreault, Perry, Peterson, Pike, Pollister, Pratt, Prescott, Pulkkinen, Ramsdell, Record, Reid, Richards, Richardson, Ricker, Riley, Robbins, Romppanen, Ross, Rowe, Saucier, Saunders, Sawyer, Setford, Severy, Shaw, Silver, Slattery, Stahl, Stover, Sturtevant, Taylor, Thomas, Truman, Trundy, Tubbs, Turner, Cattes, Verrill, Waheri, Ward, Whitman, Whittemore, Wilson, Winslow, Wood, Wright and Young.

Sawtelle Cemetery

Old Cemetery In The Woods

Take the Center Minot Hill Road until you get to 60 Center Minot Hill Road, across the road there is a field. This cemetery is located at the end of this field in the woods.

It is about 150 feet x 50 feet and covered by forest trees.

John W. Penney writes in 1904, there are indications that the planted field was originally a part of the cemetery lot which may have been plowed up and headstones removed seem very evident as headstones were found scattered in the forest - 5 inscribed and 5 rough field stones. No evidence of any enclosure.

The stones have been cleaned, but few remain. Ground have not been maintained.

There are but three readable stones in this cemetery, Sawtell, Nathaniel died 5-6-1825, his wife Abigail died 9-9-1816. Variell/Verrill Davis son of Davis died 4-19-1816 4ys. There are many stone pieces and field stones in this lot.

Scott Cemetery

At the intersection of the Death Valley Road, Brighton Hill Road and the Hersey Hill School Road, take the Hersey Hill School Road. Go a short distance on this road (about 200 feet) and the cemetery is on the left across from the former Giddinge house. It is situated on a sharp ridge of land adjacent to the road. It is about 130 feet square having and entrance on the road side, a narrow gateway with ascent of three or four stone steps. It is a neighborhood cemetery.

Stones have been cleaned and repaired, grounds maintained. This cemetery is almost across the road from the Freeman Cemetery, which has 3 stones.

Buried in this cemetery are: Bradford, Briggs, Chandler, Corbett, Fairbanks, Freeman, Kellogg, Perry, Scott, Turner, Varriel and field stones.

Seiberling-Witham Cemetery

This cemetery is now very visible from the Pottle Hill Road. Roland and Richard Hemond have cleared all the woods and it is now an open fields. Located just above the Richard Hemond house on the other side of the road, about 500 feet from the road. It is about 75 feet square. The stones and entrance face away from the Pottle Hill Road indicating to me that there may have been a road on that side of the cemetery. Stonewalls enclosed parts of the cemetery.

The stones are cleaned and in good conditions and the cemetery is maintained.

Buried in this cemetery are: Bray, Campbell, Denne, Foss, Sieberling, Witham and many mounds and field stones.

Smith Cemetery

This cemetery is a one stone hard to locate cemetery. Take the Harris Hill Road, go by the Harris Farm and continue until you get to a sharp right hand turn, continue about 1/4 mile until you start down a hill. Find N E pole #15/115/37 on the left side of the road. Go into the woods on the uphill side of this pole and you will pickup a stone wall on your left, follow it for about 100-150 feet. Stone is next to the stone wall.

It's a single stone in good condition, there are other field stones next to the stonewall. Area is not maintained.

This is a one stone grave next to a stone wall. Silvester C. Smith, son of Tho(mas) W. & Eliza died 3-29-1867 7ms.

Trundy Cemetery

This is a one stone cemetery located off the West Minot Road. Coming from West Minot towards Mechanic Falls, go by the Millett Road, on your left and it is the third driveway on the left. The resident of Thomas & Linda Cassidy, go behind the garage and across the back lawn up a to a knoll. On the edge of the lawn next to a large Pine Tree is the Trundy stone.

This is also another single stone grave, Richard B. Trundy, son of George H. & Lucy L. died 3-15-1889 almost 25 ys. It also in the cemetery books says an infant, but believe this is the foot stone of Richard because it has his initials on it.

Witham Cemetery

Located at 897 Center Minot Hill Road behind the old Libby Homestead barn. Cemetery is not visible from the road. About 200 feet from the road. Go behind the barn into the woods, and you will find an enclosed yard located on a knoll. You can see the back of the barn from the grave yard.

These are all slate stones, stones not cleaned but in good condition, gounds are not maintained. Under growth makes it difficult to see the stones.

Buried in this cemetery are all Withams. William 1766-1852, Jane (wife#1) 1775-1797, Joanna (wife#2) 1786-1852, Abigail (wife of Hiram) 1778-1825, Mary Ann (dau. of William & Abigail) 1810-1825, Carlton (son of William & Abigail) 1814-1825, Rebecca (dau. of William & Abigail) 1807-1812, Jane L. (dau. of William & Abigail) 1799-1804, Jane (dau. of William & Abigail) 1814-1831, Daniel 1818-1835.

Woodbury Cemetery

Across from the Minot Country Store take the Old Woodman Hill Road, nearing the top of the hill on the right is the old Paition resident. Directly behind this residnet 200 feet or so towards the right is this cemetery. There is a garage there and the cemetery is behind it. The plot of land is about 36 square feet and seems to have been once enclosed by a wood fence and is without any enclosed protection. Two stately pine trees stand at the south and west evidently planted there.

It is a wooded area and can not be seen from the road or the Paiton resident. Stones are cleaned, in good condition and the grounds are maintained.

Buried in this cemetery are the following: Duffs, Isaac 1758-1835, Anna (wife) died 10-5-1839; Otis, Laura D. (wife of Dr. Amos Otis) 1818-1844; Woodbury, Willard H. 1791-1832, Harriet S. (wife) 1794-1861, Cornelia F. 1828-1829, Nathan Willard 1851-1852, Cornelia F. 1831-1849 and field stones.

Woodman Hill Cemetery

Located on the Woodman Hill Road (Route 119), about 1 mile beyond the Verrill Road, on the left side of the road. A plot of land 150 feet on the road by 75 feet in depth bordering a ravine on the back side. Enclosed on the front by a painted iron pipe fence and the other three side are enclosed by a stonewall.

The stones are cleaned and in good condition and the gounds maintained. Many early settlers from the Woodman Hill area are in this cemetery.

Buried in this cemetery are: Allen, Ayer, Chase, Haness, Haskell, Hunt, King, Knowlton, Lane, Libby, Lufkin, Merrill, Noyes, Verrill, Washburn, Watson, Witham, Woodman and like all cemeteries field stones.

At one time the Andrews Cemetery was part of Minot, even though it is now part of Mechanic Falls. This also has some early Minot burials.

Take Route 124 out of Mechanic Falls Village towards West Minot, about 1 mile from the village, on a knoll on the left sits the Andrews Cemetery. It is enclosed on the front by granite stones.

Andrews Cemetery

Buried in this cemetery are:Alden, Andrews, Chase, Clark, Dean, Ford, Freeman, Golderman, Hackett, Hall, Hanscom, Hodgdon, Huskins, Hutchinson, Jordan, Keene, Marshall, Martin, Maxwell, Mitchell, Muzzy, Nelson, Perce, Penney, Record, Tuttle, Valentine, Verrill, Walker broken stones and field stones.(

Also in Mechanic Falls is the Maple Grove Cemetery located on Marshall Street. The back line of this cemetery borders Minot. This cemetery was organized in the early 1870's when Mechanic Falls was still part of Minot. There are also many early Minot burials in this cemetery.

This cemetery is a very large cemetery and is currently in use. It is very welled maintained, with paved roads and stones are all cleaned.

Roland Hemond of Minot, President of the Maple Grove Cemetery Association has spent countless hours making this cemetery what it is today (2007). Noella Hemond has all the records and if you would like any information on the availabilty of lots in this cemetery you can contact her.

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